Who’s on YOUR 16-Member Real Estate POWER TEAM?

Real Estate Investing doesn’t have to be risky. I, for one, prefer the odds slanted heavily in my favor when I am investing. That’s why it’s important to have a strong POWER TEAM to help you succeed. I am going to present my power team of the top 16 professionals to you but first, let’s […]

Case Study Part 3: $100k on a Last-Minute Foreclosure

The Fix/Flip Phase of the Deal As we set out to plan our rehab, we decided that while we wanted to force as much appreciation as we reasonably could and we didn’t want to go through the significant extra cost and hassle of a square footage addition. In a neighborhood of historic homes from the […]

4 Reasons Why LLCs are Great for Real Estate Investors

If you are out there doing real estate deals, whether they be Fix/Flip, Buy/Hold, or Wholesaling transactions, hopefully you have a corporate entity in place that suits your needs rather than conducting business or taking the title in your own name.  There are important benefits to using an LLC as a legal structure for your […]