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Mike Lima with Robert Kiyosaki

Who is Mike Lima?

There are many Real Estate Investors who have done deals, and professionals who have even done hundreds, but Mike Lima is an expert having completed thousands. Mike has over 30 years of investing experience, and is here to help you reach your goals!

Coaching and Mentoring

Getting started in the world of real estate investing can be a cumbersome and challenging process for experienced investors who want to reach the next level.  And for beginners, the investing world can be absolutely intimidating and full of pitfalls.  Get the coaching and mentoring you need to Position Yourself for Success from an expert who has completed thousands of deals!

Real Estate Consulting

Wherever you are in your Real Estate Investing career, you probably have questions about how your organization and power team should be set up, how to tell good deals from bad ones, and even which of the following business models best fits your current situation: Wholesaling, Fix/Flip, Buy/Hold, Vacation Rentals, Commercial Properties, Development deals, etc. Mike Lima has executed deals in all of these areas over the past 3 decades.

Seller Financing & Creative Deal Structures

Some deals fit nicely into the “box” that many national real estate educators teach about.  But many of the best deals fall outside that box, and require a different way of thinking, negotiating, and deal structuring. With hundreds of creative deals under his belt, Mike Lima is here to help you monetize deals that others don’t even see!

A Day in The Life of an Expert Real Estate Investor

Follow Mike as he shows you what a day in the life of a Real Estate investor looks like.


I had the opportunity to work with Mike Lima and TFA and could not be more pleased.

Here is the background…

I owned a Cabin in Construction with two partners up in Happy Jack, AZ where the construction came to a halt. My two partners fell out, one filed Bankruptcy, one passed away. Yikes, not a good situation for me left hanging on. I decided to sell it on the wholesale market and within 2 days Mike and his team had this under contract with a non-refundable earnest deposit and 10 days later my project was sold, money in the bank…and an excellent profit. I would recommend Mike and his team to anyone in the Real Estate Business.

Professional, ethical and pleasant to work with!

Much Appreciated!!

-John H.